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4 Images 1 Word


About 4 Images 1 Word

Play and challenge your brain in 4 Images 1 Word game. In this game, you will have to look at 4 pictures and guess a word to indicate their meaning.

This is a difficult game, you have to use all your brain to be able to give the correct answer. It is not like the scary puzzle quests in the Backrooms Game. You will be looking at 4 pictures and giving their answers. You have to find the similarities between the four pictures. You have to think carefully to give the correct answer because this game cannot rely on luck, it depends on your reasoning ability. Let's play and train your brain in this game.


  • An intriguing game
  • Find a word to link the pictures

How to play

You will see 4 images. You have to guess from the link to 4 pictures as fast as possible if you use help your score will decrease. The maximum number of points that you get in a group is 400Pt. You can use the gips permissions to be able to overcome the challenges easily. Add random letters to the solution, this will cost you 80PT. Remove some letters from the screen, you will lose 60PT.

Do you believe in your own rich vocabulary? Try it now in this 4 Images 1 Word game. You can test your language skills as well as your reasoning ability. You can play this game in 6 different languages such as English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and Italian.

How to play: Use the mouse to choose the word at the bottom of the screen and put them together into one meaningful word.


  • Find commons between the pictures
  • Limit subject and number of words
  • Use the suggested words at the bottom of the screen
  • Quickly link the meaning of pictures
  • Quickly answer to avoid losing points