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Play WormsZone.io

Start the exciting adventure in WormsZone.io. In this game, you will be a worm looking for food and feeding yourself while fighting with other worms.

It is similar to the game Protect My Dog you also have to protect your character, however, you also have to eat to increase your size at the same time. You will start your life as a tiny worm who trying to feed yourself to grow up. Control your worm to go anywhere you like to find food. Food like fruit and cakes appeared everywhere. You can also turn other opponents into food by quickly crossing their heads. When your opponent crashes into your body, they will die and turn into a food chain. Collecting this food chain makes you grow faster. However, you have to be careful because opponents can also kill you in the same way.

Features of WormsZone.io

  • Control a worm
  • Collect food to grow up
  • Destroy other opponents

How to control: Use the mouse to control your character.

Play WormsZone.io in 4 modes

  • In Infinity mode: you can play freely until you hit another worm and die
  • In Time mode: you will be playing for 7 minutes. in this mode, you get a double score and coins
  • In Treasure hunter mode: you will be playing for 5 minutes, and you have to find treasure on the map. (it takes you 5 apples to open this map)
  • In Trick or treat mode: you will be playing for 10 minutes, and you need to collect pumpkins as gifts (it takes 3 apples to open this map)

How to be the biggest worm in this game

  • Destroy other opponents and turn them into food.
  • Be careful of opponents near you
  • Move slowly so as not to crash into other opponents
  • Use Power-ups to earn a higher score.