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Slope Unblocked


About Slope Unlocked

Start a new adventure in the exciting game Slope Unlocked. In this game, you will control a ball that jumps over obstacles in a fantasy ball-rolling track.

You will be immersed in the fantasy race of Slope Unlocked. Even if you are familiar with rolling ball control games like Death Run 3D, you will still be amazed by this game. You will have to control your ball at a very fast speed. At the same time, you must not let your ball hit obstacles or fly off the track. Conquer the difficult tracks in the game.

Features of Slope Unlocked

  • A ball-controlling game
  • Control a ball at high-speed
  • Play in unpredictable tracks

How to play

Slope Unlocked is a great race track, where you have to control the ball to overcome numerous challenges. This race will never end until you die. The game has simple gameplay, you need to control the ball without hitting obstacles on the way. Moreover, you have to control the ball so that it does not out off the track.

The track of this game is unpredictable, you will not know what will happen in the next track. You will start the race with a domed track. After that, everything started to change. You may have to navigate a track with a slope. You may also have to navigate the extremely narrow path that is only about the size of a ball.

How to control: Use the key arrow on the keyboard to control your ball


  • You need to get used to the speed of the ball
  • Do not collide with the edges of the dome when starting the game
  • You should avoid speed lines because they make your ball run faster
  • Move the ball up to avoid falling off the slope
  • While controlling the ball, you should pay attention to the unexpected obstacles