About Slope Ball

Are you ready for challenges in the Slope Ball game? In this game, you need to jump over the obstacles on the track and reach the finish line safely.

This is not an intense competition like in Crazy Rushing Ball. It is an adventure of a ball going to explore a mysterious land. You have to control your character to move on a track full of obstacles such as spikes. You cannot let your character touch these obstacles, otherwise, you will lose. Play and be the ruler in this game!

How to play

The gameplay of this game is quite simple. You use the spacebar, up arrow key, or left mouse to jump or fly. With just one touch, you have to try to navigate your character through the obstacles. Your target is to overcome the obstacles and reach the finish line safely. You pay attention to the taskbar in the upper corner of the screen. When your taskbar reaches 100%, you have completed the level. When you complete 50% of the taskbar, the game will create a checkpoint to save your progress. When you are hit by spikes, you will be returned to the checkpoint and continue playing.

Conquer new lands

In this game, you will play the role of a ball with many different shapes. You can transform into shapes such as balls, UFOs, robots, animals, and so on. You choose a favorite character and go explore new lands. In which, each land is ruled by a mascot. You will become the savior of this mascot, which are T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, Giant Snake Titanoboa, and Flying Monster Quetzalcoatlus. Each land will open a new challenge. To explore these lands, you have to conquer 11 challenges equivalent to 11 levels of the game. Let's play and rescue the mascots.