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Roller Coaster

About Roller Coaster


Roller Coaster is a speed game that gives you exciting experiences. Can you get through all the crazy loops?

You are the driver of a roller coaster. Lead the train and keep everyone on your train safe. Overcome all obstacles on the tracks and overcome your fear. The crazy loop challenges definitely won't make it difficult for you.

If you love speed and adventure, you definitely cannot ignore Roller Coaster. A game that will give you the true feeling like when you are on a speedboat. The steep slopes, the danger signs, and the repetitive loops with no exit. But there is a lot of money that you can earn along the way.

You see, on the train is not only you, there are other people and on the way, you can let guests board your train to get more money. At each level, you will experience different fears and paths. Go to the train station on your own ability.

Roller Coaster and How To Play

You will use the A/D buttons, the arrow buttons, or simply just use the mouse to control your speed train as you play on the computer. And if you use your phone, you just need to swipe on the screen at will, and the train will go left, and right to avoid obstacles and earn money as you like.