About Quordle

Quordle is a puzzle game with colorful word boxes, you will have to rely on it to find hidden words in a short time to be able to win the game.

If you've played Wordle previously, this game may appear familiar but also completely different. So QUORDLE is simply four wordle games all at once. You start by guessing a word and seeing it appear in the first row of each wordle game. Then you'll see the familiar colors indicating which letters are accurate and which are in the correct location. If you can guess all four words before your nine guesses run out, you win. So all you have to do is go to QUORDLE GAME. You may see four blank wordle games in a 2x2 grid, each grid will have nine rows and the typical five columns for a five-letter word fill in your guess and press enter. Each grid will highlight the letters to indicate how they connect to the word in that grid. You may enable the daily option in the game settings and solve the same phrases with your friends every day. Every 24 hours, the word chain is reset. You may simply modify the number of letters in target words. Open the game options and choose the right value for the number of letters, the game is now available with words ranging from 4 to 6 letters.

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How To Control

When starting to play will appear on your screen a set of keyboards, click on the box you want and guess the word.