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Laser Cannon


About Laser Cannon

Start the adventure to destroy monsters in the Laser Cannon game. You have to make cannon shots to destroy the monster shelters and kill them.

Laser Cannon is an interesting shooting game, it is the foundation of the success of Laser Cannon 2. You need to control the laser cannon to aim and shoot the monsters. These monsters can move and are protected by shields. You need to make smart shots to be able to kill them. This game challenges your math skills when you have to align the shot. You will not be limited to the number of shots so never give up.

How to play

This game has many different levels. Each level has a different number of monsters and maps. You will not be limited to the number of shoots, but it will affect the number of stars you get. 3 is the maximum star you get in each game match. The monsters are very cunning, they often hide in places where cannons are difficult to hit. Destroy their hideout before killing them.

You move the cannon to the right position and drag the mouse to align the goal. When you have the correct goal, you release the mouse to shoot the cannon.

How to control: Use the mouse.

The difficulty in Laser Cannon

You can face many obstacles when slaying monsters such as caves or shields. Therefore, in order not to waste bullets, you need to destroy them before killing the monster.

In addition, sometimes monsters hide out of the cannon's range, you need to take advantage of the environment to destroy them. You can take advantage of the things that are protecting them like lasers or caves to destroy them. You can change the direction of the laser or collapse the cave to kill the monster.