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Ikki Samurai Jump

Ikki Samurai Jump is a fun challenging jumping game. You are an animal in the forest, jump high to escape and avoid other animals stronger than you.

You are a small Samurai, above you, there are much stronger Samurai. You must find a way to escape, jump on the bushes, jump as high as possible, but must avoid the way to not collide with the Samurai stronger than you. You will lose if you jump in the right place with them.

This is a light entertainment game but no less dramatic. Jump high and away from the enemies and climb to the top of victory. Difficult challenges are waiting for you. Let's jump and confront the enemies.

Tips: Practice your reflexes and observation.

How to play:

If you play on your phone, touch the screen to move and jump spectacularly. If playing on the computer, use the arrow buttons to control your Samurai. A reflex test game to see how far you can jump.