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Crazy Monster Shooter

About Crazy Monster Shooter

Crazy Monster Shooter is a classic shooter in a scary space. Eliminate all the opponents who are harming you and unlock all the high achievement levels.

In the game, you are fighting a lot of ferocious monsters. The surrounding is desolate with a lot of skulls and bones, etc, and makes you even more confused, in this gloomy atmosphere your opponents hide very well. Everything is like in hell. You only have to kill all enemies with one gun alone. Your mission is to live as long as possible to take revenge on those who want to kill you.

You are being killed by a lot of enemies around to loot. So, go ahead and kill them all before they can do anything to you. Let's steal their weapons too, and make ourselves strong so that no one can harm you.

You are alone and fight with a lot of enemies but the enemy understands the terrain very well. This is a disadvantage for you, try to kill a lot and collect enemy weapons, overcome all difficulties and challenges and be the winner.

How to Control

The most authentic shooting experience may be had when playing on a computer. Use the W/A/S/D keys to move and the mouse to look around. When you encounter an enemy, you use the right click to aim and the left click to shoot. When the adversary is too strong or tries to flee, they employ Shift + W. If you come across hurdles, use the space button to leap. Good luck and have a good time.