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Cars: Lightning Speed


About Cars: Lightning Speed

Take part in intense races in the Cars: Lightning Speed game. You will be participating in thrilling races and crossing the finish line first.

This is a driving game that you are familiar with in City Car Driver. In this game, you have the opportunity to participate in fierce competitions. You compete with many other opponents, you attack them to gain advantages on the track. In addition, you need to pay attention to the obstacles on the road that will make it difficult for you to race. You can race in many different leagues and win championship trophies. Play and become the champion.

How to play

You will participate in the race track in the desert, make spectacular turns, and overcome the opponents. You create rivalries with your opponents that damage their cars and slow them down. You have to control your car always on the track. If your car is outside the track, the wheels will get into trouble and the speed will decrease. Pay attention to slippery roads, it will make you lose sight and easily slip off the track. You collect lightning bolts to boost your speed. Race fast and be the first to reach the finish line.

How to control: Use the key arrows on the keyboard to control.

Build your own career

You can race in 2 game modes: Single and Career.

  • In single mode: You will have the choice to race in 5 countries as USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, and Brazil. Each country will have a different type of track. This is an adventure, you will experience racing on many different terrains.
  • In career mode: This mode requires you to have pro-driving skills. You will be participating in intense tournaments. This mode has many different tournaments and based on your ability choose a reasonable tournament for yourself. The game has a Beginner cup tournament for amateurs and an Advanced cup tournament for professional racers. In addition, the players also have the opportunity to participate in tournaments in the USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, and Brazil.