About Bee Careful


Bee Careful is a fun unique game about a bee's revenge path. Help the bee overcome all obstacles and sting those who attack it.

A bee for no reason was flying over a field when it was shot a lot by a certain enemy's bullets. Your task is to control that bee, fly far, and long to find the enemy, and extract them to take revenge.

On the way, the enemy will drop a lot of bullets, you must help the bee to avoid those things or the bee will die. Flying up and down continuously, the enemy is cruel to scatter bullets continuously and out of alignment.

In the field there are only bees, to find the enemy, you have to fly about 5', and try to help the bees fly without getting caught in the enemy's bullets. In order for the bees to stay alive and extract from the enemy, you will pass the level and go to the next door to help other bees, the roads with different difficulties.

The way to play Bee Careful

You use the mouse to control up and down or use the arrow buttons to let the bee go up and down carefully to avoid the enemy's bullets. When you reach the destination you want to extract the enemy, you will use the left mouse button. Let's help the bee fly away and get revenge.