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Assault On The Evil Star


Become a hero to save humanity in the sci-fi game called Assault On The Evil Star. Destroy the enemy's bad plans and have a great adventure in space.

Humanity is facing a terrible attack from dark forces and is at risk of extinction if timely preventive measures are not taken. The player will take on the role of a soldier with the special task of finding dangerous plans and implementing plans to prevent and disrupt those plans. Protect humanity from destruction.

The world of the game is a science fiction world. It brings suspense, beautiful but spooky. It's literally an intergalactic adventure.

Players perform actions of running, shooting, and dodging enemies quickly and accurately. On your journey to save humanity, you will meet enemy soldiers or scary monsters. With resilience and heroic fighting, eliminate them to master the space.

Get ready to adventure to the planet "Evil Star" and enjoy fun gaming moments.

How to play

  • To move: Use AWSD keys.
  • Shoot and observe: Use the mouse.
  • Run: Use Shift + WASD keys.